Double Masters Programme with Nanjing Agricultural University and the Informatics Resource Centre, University of Reading


The Double Masters Programme will consist of the designated Masters programmes at NAU and the designated Masters programmes at UoR. Students on the Double Masters Programme will complete one year of study on a designated Masters programme at NAU, then complete a designated Masters programme at the UoR and receive the relevant award. On completion of a further year of study at NAU they will then be entitled to a designated NAU Masters degree. The programmes include:MSc Business Information Management,MSc Information Systems and Management,MSc Business Technology Consulting.

NAU will admit students on to a designated Masters programme in accordance with its normal admissions procedures and standards. As part of the admissions process students will have the opportunity to indicate their interest in the Double Masters Programme.

During the Autumn term each year a member of staff from IRC will visit NAU and carry out a range of activities to introduce students to the Double Masters Programme and the opportunities available if they choose to study at the University of Reading.

The deadline for applications for the designated UoR Masters programme will be xx of each year. The number of students who have applied and paid their deposit on this date will be used to calculate the tuition fee discount to be applied to those students. Any applications received after this date will not be entitled to a discount on tuition and will not count towards the numbers used in calculating the tuition discount offered.

Students who have submitted a complete application form and paid their deposit will be offered a place on their chosen UoR Masters conditional on the successful completion of their first year of study on a designated Masters programme at NAU and of the achievement of IELTS x.x if not already demonstrated.

During the summer term each year a member of staff from IRC will visit NAU to prepare students for the transfer to Reading.

NAU will confirm to the UoR as soon as results are available whether or not the students which have applied to a designated UoR programme have successfully completed Year 1 of their NAU Masters programme. After this date, and once students have supplied evidence of meeting the English language requirement, UoR will confirm the offer of a place on one of the designated UoR Masters programmes.

Students will undertake the designated UoR Masters programme as part of a standard intake cohort and successful completion of the programme will lead to an appropriate award.

Once results have been finalised UoR will supply NAU with a pass list for the relevant students.

Successful students will return to NAU and complete a final year at the end of which they will be eligible for an NAU masters degree.