Information Management & Information System Specialty


Founded in 1986 succeeding from its predecessor of Information Science, this specialty features its course structure concerning the whole procedure of information processing including information creation, production, dissemination, retrieval, organization, analysis, assessment, and service. New courses about information technology have been added, putting emphasis on the latest achievements such as Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-media Information Retrieval, Citation Analysis, Internet Information Resource, Digital Libraries, E-Commerce, Image Retrieval, Metadata, Network Marketing, etc. Most of the courses are now web-based. This specialty has become one of the quality majors in Jiangsu Province.

Computer Science and Technology Specialty


The major is mainly training advanced engineering and technical personnel who engage in computer software and hardware system design, development and application. Through study, students can master the basic theory and basic skills of the computer software and hardware ,have the ability of computer software system analysis, design and development,have the capabilities of the computer hardware system application, development and maintenance, also have the ability of the computer network system operation and maintenance.

Major Courses include: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Discrete Mathematics, Digital Logic Circuit Design, Computer Organization Principle, C + + Programming Language, Assembly Language Programming, Data Sructure, Operating System, Database System Principle, Compiler Technology, Computer Network, Computer Architecture, etc.

The professional is the characteristic expertise of Jiangsu Province and the brand professional of Nanjing Agricultural University. It has a stronger teaching staff,the domestic first-class multimedia computer room and the professional laboratory. Cultivate the students’ basic theory of computer software and hardware and the comprehensive master ability of practice.Pay attention to the training of the students’ manipulative ability and the innovation ability of the students. In addition to study the main courses, students could study more new technology of elective courses and practice more .

The last three years graduate employment rates has been among the best. Graduates engage in the computer software and hardware applications, development, research and teaching,etc in enterprises, government departments, research departments and institutions of higher learning , also can apply for further studies in computer science graduate.

Network Engineering Specialty


This major aims to train the senior engineering and technical personnel with a system knowledge of computer science, communications and network technology, with the basic skills of network engineering to master, with high quality and innovation .So that students can engage in network planning, management, development, security and other works.

Major Courses Include: Discrete Mathematics,C++ Program Designing,Data Structure,Digital Logic Circuit Design,Operating System,Principles of Computer Composition,Computer Network,Principles of Database System, Communication Introduction,Modern Switch Technology,Network Engineering,Computer Network Security,The Network Protocol Analysis and Programming,The Computer Network Security and Management,Broadband and Wireless Networks etc..

The specialty is an interdisciplinary subject of computer and communications field, starting from the engineering characteristics of our school, integrating the advantages of computer, communications, information security disciplines,focusing on practices of science education and engineering training, enabling students to master in computer science, communications and the basic principles of computer networks and the basic skills of network engineering, engaging in computer network planning and design, system development, equipment development and application development, integrated management, security and maintenance work.

The professional has been a popular profession in job market. The demand for graduates of the past three years has consistently ranked in the forefront.Graduates can engage in network system planning,design, management, maintenance and network equipment development in the field of computer networks and communication .They can also go to research institutes, education, enterprises, and administrative and other units to engage in the corresponding work, apply for further studies in related majors.